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It’s been over five years since we last published a pictorial directory. We’re working with Lifetouch to get a new one out this spring.
First, here’s the great news:

  • There’s NO cost to the church.
  • In fact, 5% of photo package sales will be donated back to MHCUCC!
  • Everyone who has their portrait taken gets a FREE 8×10!
  • Participants also get a free keepsake directory AND access to a mobile directory.
Now for the good news:

  • Signing up will be a breeze. We’ll have someone in the Parlor to help you every Sunday between now and the photography sessions or, for you do-it-yourselfers, here’s a direct link to make your own appointment.
  • This is a fantastic chance for us to ensure we have accurate information in our directory, so we’ll be asking you to fill out a simple data card.
There is no bad news!
Photography sessions will be April 4 & 5 from 2 – 9 PM, and April 6 from 10 AM – 5 PM.
Project leaders are Amanda (staff; call the office or email and Jeany Tri.
Questions? Here are a few answers to common ones:
Will this cost me anything? Only if you order a package. We have pricing sheets available for you to review prior to your appointment. We also have coupons, and you may qualify for a discount!
How long will it take to get stuff? Portrait orders will be received around 2 weeks after your appointment and come directly to you, along with your free 8×10. The directories will take a couple months after they’re designed (we’re hoping mid-June) and come to the church. If you don’t order any packages, your free 8×10 will come directly to the church as well.