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The Jeremiah Project: Determining Our Mission and Vision

Believing that the work of a vital congregation is guided by a mission and vision that is embodied by the entire congregation, the church counsel has contracted with Agile Church, a consulting firm led by Michael Piazza, who will assist us in a long-term process to develop these important statements. The process we will use, The Jeremiah Project, is built upon a series of small group sessions that will seek input from as many members as possible.  As Agile Church writes, “The Jeremiah Project is more about listening and less about producing; more about being still and knowing and less about being busy and doing.” It is designed to engage people on a deeply spiritual level because, “If we are to renew any church, we must renew and reunite our own interior spaces.”
While many churches might hire a public relations firm to write their mission and vision statements, we believe that this approach, while producing well-written statements, creates an end result that often ends up in a file drawer because the congregation does not connect with it. Conversely, we want the result of this effort to be a mission and vision that is part of the DNA of the congregation, statements that our members can embody and that reflect who we believe ourselves to be.


To achieve this goal, at the heart of our process is a series of small group meetings that offer each person a chance to share their views and know that their voice will be heard.  In March, we will gather the input generated by the small groups at a Vision Summit at which time a Vision Team will take the information and use it to create mission and vision statements. While the ultimate goal of this process is to create these statements for adoption by the congregation in early June, the more important result is how we are transformed along the way. As the Agile Church consultants say, “Just as happiness is the byproduct of a well-lived life, so, too, an energizing and compelling vision/mission must be born from a spiritual community that is being reinvigorated. This isn’t just about coming up with a new vision; it is about discovering God’s vision and risking absolutely everything in pursuit of it.”


Each small group will meet six times between January 7 and March 17.  Below is a list of meeting times and places. To sign up for a group, please stop by the table in the lobby each Sunday, visit SignUpGenius, or call the church office.


Day                      Time          Place                                      Leader(s)

Sundays              10:30 am   Youth room                            Judy VanZante/Mike McGaw     

Sundays              12 pm         Church parlor                         Peg Knueve

Sundays              2 pm           Church lobby                         Mars Patterson

Mondays             10 am         Church parlor                         Judy Evridge/Shirley King

Mondays             noon           Church parlor                         Jarred Sorauf

Tuesdays            7 pm           Ropas’ Berea home              Tom Ropas

Wednesdays       11 am         Church parlor                         Debbie Thompson

Wednesdays       7 pm           Church parlor                         Gail Lingenfelter/Pauline Wills

Thursdays           3:30 pm     Joan’s Parma home              Joan Reichert/Mike McGaw

Thursdays           7 pm           Church parlor                         Mary Mayse       

Fridays                1 pm           Lewis’ Strongsville home      Connie Lewis

Saturdays            2 pm           Church parlor                         Allison Lehman/Leanzas         


Child care will be available as needed; please indicate your request for such service when you sign up.

We look forward to your participation in this compelling and transformational process.  Watch for more information coming soon and ask Vicki, any council member or small group leader if you have questions.    

Prayer Group/Bible Study
Wednesdays in the Library
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Book Discussion Group
Coming soon . . . information on the next book and discussion date!

Food, Faith and Fellowship..

Every quarter, enjoy a potluck and hearing the faith journey of one of our members.
Come back to see when our
next F3 is scheduled!

Adult Faith Formation
“Do not be afraid.” It is Scripture’s most repeated command. But how do we obey when every day brings bad news? Join us as we discuss how to be people of the Good News, sharing #morehope, #morejoy, and #morepeace through a study using the work of Dr. Brené Brown. Tuesday afternoons from 2 – 3:30 pm OR evening from 6:30 – 8 pm on December 5th, 12th and 19th. Sign up on the bulletin board outside the office.