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The Jeremiah Project: Determining Our Mission and Vision

Believing the work of a vital congregation is guided by a mission and vision embodied by the entire congregation, the church council contracted with Agile Church, a consulting firm led by Michael Piazza, who is assisting us in a long-term process to develop these important statements. The process we are using, The Jeremiah Project, is built upon a series of small group sessions that sought input from as many members as possible. We want the result of this effort to be a mission and vision that is part of the DNA of the congregation, statements that our members can embody and that reflect who we believe ourselves to be.
Our small groups have had their 6 sessions each, and we gathered that input and sorted it to find patterns and themes. That was the work of our Vision Summit on Saturday, March 17. From that day-long process, a small group called the Vision Team, which we commissioned on Sunday, March 18, will take the raw material and use it to write new vision and mission statements for the church. We expect to have this process wrapped up this spring, and we will use these new statements as measuring sticks for how we engage with one another and our community through worship, service, fellowship, and beyond.
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