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Lotts Creek 2016 Report to the Congregation
22 Middleburg Missionaries spent the week of July 23-30 in the rural southeastern Kentucky community of Lotts Creek, also known as Cordia. Our group worked at about five different sites and accomplished tasks such as replacing the flooring in two bedrooms of a trailer, diagnosing the source of water damage in two trailers and then alleviating the problem and fixing the cosmetic and structural damage, building a porch on a trailer, diagnosing and fixing plumbing problems in a cabin on the school campus, restoring a brick walkway at the school and painting at the school. We also made improvements to the dorm we stayed in such as improving the electrical system in the kitchen, which was an inspector’s nightmare (ours, too), improving the lighting in the kitchen, adding a screen door and ramp, etc. In addition some of us worked in the food pantry, preparing for a distribution.

We were immersed in the Kentucky mountain culture, both at our job sites, interacting with the families for whom we worked and in our leisure time. We attended a local church at which we were warmly greeted. Never-the-less, we all echoed the same sentiment afterwards: that we were glad to be a part of the UCC! One evening we were treated to a wonderful music program at which 2 local performers played a wide variety of music on traditional mountain instruments.


In our devotions, we explored the topic of what God wants from us. Using a variety of scriptures, we were challenged to obey God, to love mercy and justice, to use our individual gifts as if we were interlocking parts of a magnificent machine that can only operate when we all work together with great love and respect for our clients, to work with our whole heart, to be a servant to others, to see others through God’s eyes.

Thanks to you, our generous and mission-minded congregation, we had the opportunity to travel comfortably and efficiently using our church van and trailer. Thanks to you, our generous and mission-minded congregation, we took a donation of more than $4,000 to help fund the housing rehabilitation program at Lotts Creek. We thank you for all of your support, including your prayers.

One of the benefits of participating on our mission trip is the chance to meet new friends and really get to know people you only see briefly on Sunday morning. Eating meals together and working side by side to solve problems encountered on the job site allows us to really develop friendships and a sense of community. Another benefit is the opportunity for spiritual growth that can spring forth in daily devotions, while gazing at the morning mist on the mountains, or while handing a wrench to the person under the trailer working on the plumbing. A chance to put faith into action, to be the hands and feet of Jesus, a chance to be a blessing to others – all of these opportunities come about on a mission trip. Wouldn’t you like to experience this for yourself?