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Lotts Creek, a community in rural SE Kentucky, is where members and friends of MHCUCC have traveled for 18 years to lend a helping hand and, one by one, slowly work to eliminate poverty housing. Adding a bathroom, a ramp or sometimes a room addition makes a big difference for a family. We always “get more than we give” and we learn so much about ourselves and others. Won’t you join us?

This is an inter-generational trip. Children through 7th grade with parent, teens (8th grade and above), singles, couples, and families all are welcome. Cost: $130 covers food, lodging and most transportation costs. We will use the church van and plan to carpool.

Lotts Creek 2018 Report to the Congregation

On July 21, 12 members and friends of MHCUCC embarked upon a mission trip to the community of Lotts Creek, Kentucky. Our tasks seemed overwhelming when we were first introduced to them: Remove and replace the carpeting in the school library, repair and paint the children’s playground set at the school, repair and replace the siding on a family’s home that had been damaged by flooding. Somehow, all of these were accomplished in the five work days by the 12 of us: Jeff Lingenfelter, Gail Lingenfelter, John Dagil, Kyle Johnson, Patrick Uhl, Ed Krzes, Shana Glaab, Bob Mieyal, Esther Ngemba, Danny Salzgeber, George Uhl, Sandy Uhl. What did we learn?

  1. Teamwork is key.
  2. No one has to carry the load by herself.
  3. It’s more fun together.
  4. Our individual skills and abilities, when combined, allow us to accomplish more than we ever thought possible.


Thanks to the generosity of our congregation, we purchased $250 worth of food for distribution at the food pantry at Lotts Creek. We also delivered a contribution of $2922 that will be used to support the housing rehab program of the Lotts Creek Community.