When there’s a 5th Sunday in a month, we exit the pews and enter the community in service.
We believe worship can happen anywhere, in a sanctuary or in a shelter, by singing praises or by baking cookies, with other church members or complete strangers. We live out this idea by dedicating the fifth Sunday of the month – which happens just a few times a year – by spending the day caring for our neighbors in variety of ways. We call these days of service WorKship Sundays.
The next WorKship Sunday is . . . TBA!
WorKship Sunday, July 2018 Report

Thanks to the efforts of the 86 people who participated in WorKship on Sunday, July 29th, 15 notebooks of materials for tutoring our refugee friends were assembled; 36 cards were created for members of the military who will be deployed over the holidays; 55 hand painted rocks were hidden as random acts of kindness; about 40 items were created for the Church Street Ministries annual holiday sale; 7 members who can no longer come to church were visited and communion was shared with them; the Second Mile Shop at Church Street Ministries was polished, swept and cleaned; the window frames at the home of a member were painted, and under the leadership of Jarred Sorauf, a half dozen members worked on organizing music and materials in the choir room so that all will be ready for the beginning of choir rehearsals in a few weeks.

A delicious lunch followed by worship and communion was enjoyed by all participants. Thanks to those who led the ten projects that were offered – it takes a lot of people to make WorKship happen. Special thanks to Jerry and Pam Wolf for applying for a grant from the Thrivent Foundation to fund our WorKship luncheon. The Thrivent Foundation gives money to organizations for their work promoting “generosity” and fostering a spirit of community. Last Sunday, we worked outside of the pews to serve others and as Rev. Mark stated in his worship remarks, “We walked our talk.”
WorKship Sunday, April 2018
WorKship Sunday, October 2017
WorKship Sunday, July 2017
Our July 30th WorKship Sunday included 136 church friends and members, as well as our African refugee friends. 
WorKship Sunday, April 2017
WorKship Sunday, October 23
Here are pictures from our July 2016 WorKship Sunday.