When there’s a 5th Sunday in a month, we exit the pews and enter the community in service.
We believe worship can happen anywhere, in a sanctuary or in a shelter, by singing praises or by baking cookies, with other church members or complete strangers. We live out this idea by dedicating the fifth Sunday of the month – which happens just a few times a year – by spending the day caring for our neighbors in variety of ways. We call these days of service WorKship Sundays.
Middleburg Missionaries Sunday, July 30th
Our July 30th WorKship Sunday included 136 church friends and members, as well as our African refugee friends, participated. Thanks to Pastor Vicki for her vision and to our devoted project leaders: Pat Jefferis, Cheryl Seymour, Sue Kelley, Mars Patterson, Deb and John Thompson, Peg Knueve, Tom Foley, Jarred Sorauf, Rebecca Williams, Beth Kean, Mary Densmore, Gary and June Canute, Gus Fralick, Austin Herr, Les Thwaites, Judy Evridge, Diana Creecy, Jan Meier, and Judy Berg. WorKship would not happen without the help and dedication of an array of people. 
Thanks to all who donated supplies for our Prep School project. The Saturday tutoring program with our African friends now has a fantastic supply of materials to use for teaching English. Thanks also for your donations of games for our Game Time project. All 35 of our African refugee guests chose a game to take home and the kids reported last Saturday at tutoring they were enjoying their games and were already teaching them to other family members. They loved coming to our church and hope to be invited again.
Middleburg Missionaries Sunday, April 30th
Middleburg Missionaries Sunday, October 23
Here are pictures from our July 2016 Middleburg Missionaries Sunday.