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Come to Worship

Please join us on Sunday mornings at 8:30 and 10:30 for Sunday worship. It is our prayer that you will experience the presence of God when you worship with us and that you will be renewed to live out your faith as you go out into the world.
At our 8:30 service, we celebrate Holy Communion each week.
Church School
Church School is offered during the 10:30 service. Children kindergarten through sixth grade are invited to participate in worship until the children’s message at which time they are dismissed to meet their teachers in the parlor area. Youth 7th – 12th grade participate in a variety of activities, including Church School, depending on the Sunday. Please see the “Learn” page for more information about Church School.

Nursery Care
Nursery care is available during the 10:30 service for infants and toddlers. 

Lent & Holy Week are over for this year. We hope your faith was enriched by the contemplative approach we took for 2018. Some have asked us to post the prayers we featured on Facebook during Holy Week here so they might continue to reflect on that powerful journey of sacrifice and grief and resurrection.
A Prayer for Fig Monday
Life-giving God, let me not be cursed as I stand,but may I bring forth fruit pleasing to the eye, ripe, and seed-laden.
That is to say, let my faith bring forth more faith, mine and others’.
May I bear the burdens You ask so that the poor and hungry know sustenance.
Transparent Spirit, reconcile any hypocrisy in me.
May I reject religion that’s only for show, and seek instead a humble trust that You alone decide worthiness.
Help me give up any bias that leaves me sitting at the table judging who can join me.
I desire to follow the Heart-Changer, and worry less about money and perfection.
Let all this be.
Again, I say amen.
A Prayer for Busy Tuesday
Wise Teacher, help me to be still and know, to be attentive, to listen and watch for your invitations.
Woe to me if I only follow the letter of the law and neglect your justice and mercy.
Woe to me if I do not spend myself generously and am found faithless and unprepared.
Righteous Judge, may my ears, my eyes, my heart be opened.
May I hear past disagreement, see past differences, empathize past understanding.
Let my questions and doubts lead me deeper into you.
Let my whole being be fit to be called yours, and any authority I think I have be subject to your truth.
Let all this be.
Again, I say amen.
A Prayer for Silent Wednesday
Suffering Friend, search me and know me.
Help me know myself. What are my 30 pieces of silver?
How have I sold you out, tried to manipulate you to be who I want?
Let me forgive not only how I’ve been betrayed, but how I’ve betrayed you and others.
May I seek redemption rather than despair.
Loving Potter, break me open as only you can, that I would be poured out.
Make me an anointing, let my life be a devotion to your passion and a witness to your revitalizing power.
And as you reform me from this brokenness, recreate me in a better likeness of you until this repeats, like spring, and you break me and make me, forever becoming.
Let all this be.
Again, I say amen.


A Prayer for Maundy Thursday

Holy First of the Last, would that I be as eager as you to wash the feet of others, to kneel before them in vulnerability and serve them with tenderness.
Would that I anticipate community, to break bread and share salvation with all, even those who hurt me.
And, in all honesty, those whom I have hurt.
This is your commandment; may I be obedient.
Patient Gardener, I confess my fear to pray this, yet I long to know you in your other anticipation, in your loneliness, your dread, your many sorrows.
Let this teach me to mourn with those who mourn, because I am acquainted with your grief.
Your grief – but also your hope and your love.
May I do this in remembrance of you – to love as you.
Let all this be.
Again, I say amen.

A Prayer for Good Friday
Crucified Christ, what does it mean to know you like this, humble to the point of death, having carried our griefs and sorrows all the way?
You died as you lived, giving all.
Can I live like that? Can I carry on when palms turn to ashes and hosannas turn to persecution?

Only as you continue to give me strength.
Surrendered Spirit, may I look at others and not see the stranger, but one to whom I have been given, and who has been given to me.
Let me count it all joy to be faithful to the point of sacrifice, that I be as passionate in embracing my own transformation as I am about changing the world, for I can’t work for one and not do the work of the other.
May I also love the world so much.
Let all this be.
Again, I say amen.
A Prayer for Holy Saturday
Still, Small Voice, how have I guarded myself against you being alive in me?
What obstacles have I put in the way of you emerging in my life?
Move me, shake me, loose me from my fears, from my clinging to those things that do not give life.

My Shepherd, even while I wait in the valley of the shadow, may I know your comfort.
May I be patient in mourning, for you are with me.
Not even death can separate me from your love.
Let me live in a way that bears this truth for all: Nothing can separate us; not political corruption, or racism, or misogyny, or homophobia, or school shootings, or lack of healthcare, or homelessness, or food insecurity, or anything else of creation – yours or ours.
Let all this be.
Again, I say amen.