Come to the Table – Home Ritual, Week 1

Gathering with people about whom we care is one of the central marks of the Christian faith. Our worship series, “Come to the Table,” focuses on Jesus’ invitation to the table where we are challenged live God’s way: offering hospitality, embracing love, peace, grace and joy.

Throughout this series, we encourage you to commit to at least one family meal each week without electronics. If you normally eat alone, invite your “family” (of origin or choice) to share a meal with you.

This week, consider passing a loaf of bread or a basket of muffins around the table. As each person received part of the passed meal, invite them to share something for which they are thankful.

End with this prayer: “God of abundance, you have given us more than we need. Bless this meal that your abundance might be shown through love and grace. Amen.”

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