Prayer Chairs…

A rocking chair is our focal point for the Lenten season. In addition to offering the pastoral prayer from a rocker on the chancel each week, you are invited to create your own prayer chair at home and make time each day to fast from hurry as you connect to God. Materials, including meditation prompts and prayers, will be provided to assist you.

…and more Prayer Chairs! Rock On!

To promote our Lenten series and to raise money for missions, we will offer an exciting opportunity to create a few public art pieces. You are invited to adopt a rocking chair and decorate it according to your own interpretation of what it means to fast from hurry and worry.

Rock On! chairs will be available soon for you to take home and decorate. Upon completion, they will be placed for display throughout the community and the church then be auctioned off after Easter with all proceeds going to a mission project. Sponsors for each chair are also being sought. A sponsor, who may or may not be the artist who decorates the chair, will donate $100 each to cover the cost of the chair and supplies needed to paint and decorate it. The sponsors’ and artists’ names will the then be displayed with the chair in the community.

If you would like to sponsor and/or decorate a Rock On! Chair, please sign up on the board near the office.

This Lent, Reconnect with an Unhurried God…

In a world where we often live at a break-neck pace, addicted to being busy, we invite you this Lent to slow down and reconnect to an unhurried God. From our Ash Wednesday mini-retreat to our invitation to create a prayer chair for the season, from a series of worship services that make space to slow down to a Lenten calendar that suggests opportunities to connect to God each day, we make time for you to “Come and Find the Quiet Center” this season. So take a deep breath and read on . . .

Ash Wednesday Mini-Retreat

Knowing it is difficult to let go of our addiction to busyness, we offer a chance to be intentional in making this change by offering a three-hour mini-retreat on Ash Wednesday, February 26.

We will gather at 5:30 pm, asking participants to disconnect from all devices for the retreat. After a brief introduction, we will share a meal together and discuss both our need to slow down and the challenges of doing so. After dinner, join us at a creativity station or three, where we will make items to aid us in downshifting, then move to the sanctuary for our traditional Ash Wednesday service including the of the imposition of ashes.

While the retreat begins at 5:30 and continue until 8 – 8:30, we know it takes time to slow our pace and schedules may impede your full participation. Feel free to come as your time permits, recognizing dinner will be served only until 6:30 and worship begins at 7:30. A signup sheet is posted on the board near the office to help us plan dinner; kindly let us know if you are able to join us.

Lenten Study: Spiritual Deepening

To assist in our fast from worry, our Lenten Adult Spiritual Formation offering will be a time for spiritual deepening. With no preparation necessary, participants are invited to join us for a time of reflection and prayer. In this contemplative space, we will reflect on a variety of prompts, share our thoughts and writing as we are willing, and then pray silently for one another. Join us for this powerful time of reflection on Wednesday at 1 pm from March 4 through April 8. An additional session will be offered; time will be determined by preference indicated by potential participants who sign up on the sheet on the board near the office. Choices are: Thursdays 10 – 11 am or Thursdays 7 – 8 pm.