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Lotts Creek, a community in rural SE Kentucky, is where members and friends of MHCUCC have traveled for 18 years to lend a helping hand and, one by one, slowly work to eliminate poverty housing. Adding a bathroom, a ramp or sometimes a room addition makes a big difference for a family. We always “get more than we give” and we learn so much about ourselves and others.

Won’t you join us? This is an inter-generational trip. Children through 7th grade with parent, teens (8th grade and above), singles, couples, and families all are welcome. Cost: $130 covers food, lodging and most transportation costs. We will use the church van and plan to carpool.

Can’t go on the trip? You can still make an impact! Make a donation to the church with the memo “Lotts Creek” and your generosity will be used to purchase building materials we’ll use this year!
Lotts Creek 2019 Report to the Congregation

Middleburg Missionaries, the group of members and friends who have represented this congregation in the rural southeastern Kentucky community of Lotts Creek, had a productive and successful week working on a number of different projects around the Lotts Creek School campus and in the larger community. Kentucky is just as beautiful in June as it has always been in July, which is when we have typically made our mission trip. Kentucky in June, however, is cooler and there are fewer annoying bugs!

Last year, Ed Krzes, one of our faithful Middleburg Missionaries, took measurements for many of the windows in the dorm where we stay. Over the past year, Ed created a design for screens and the potential for storm windows on the dorm, which has 60-plus-year-old single pane casement windows. We have not had the luxury of screens for some time, instead we have to open the windows and use fans to blow the bugs away. Ed brought all the wood needed, much of it pre-cut to size, a router, table and everything else necessary to custom make each window screen. Wayne & Bobbi Cook, Jaden Tri-Leanza, Harrison Stoneking, and Jeff Lingenfelter worked on various stages of the process. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to complete the project but Ed and Jeff plan to make another trip yet this year to install the screens.

Another project at the school campus involved removing carpeting in a high traffic area of the school library and replacing it with tile. Mary Mayse, Ann Over, Gail Lingenfelter, Jaden, Harrison and Sandy Uhl worked on this project. Although we ran out of grout to finish the project, it is very nearly complete. This team learned a lot about cutting tiles, laying and cementing tile with spacers, applying and cleaning grout.

A former employee of the school needed help to rehab his home. The doublewide trailer had been empty for a couple years after his mother died. Vandals had broken in and a poor design of the roof structure had failed. Our job was to remove the damaged drywall ceiling, clean up blown in insulation, and beef up the rafters. The woefully inadequate 2 x 2 construction was improved by adding 2 x 4 bracing. Applying upward pressure, the team of George, Patrick & Scot Uhl, John Holton and Taylor Yurick were able to raise the roof to eliminate the sag that had developed. On the outside, old shingles were removed from the roof and metal sheeting was put in place for the homeowner to continue the project after we left.

In addition to those projects, several smaller scale projects were completed including rebuilding the mantle over the fireplace in the dorm, replacing a broken windowpane, cleaning/organizing the food pantry, passing out food and repairing toilets in the dorm.

It wasn’t all work – there was swimming in the lake, attending a music program, playing games, and getting to know new friends. There is nothing like living together for a week to cement long-lasting relationships with people you formerly only knew enough to greet at church. Alice Whitaker shared the history of Lotts Creek with us. We were also able to stream and watch the NBA finals and a new Netflix movie. We even had a little excitement when the fire alarm, a deafening screech with strobe lights went off at 1 am and then again at 1:45 am. It was determined that the unit was malfunctioning and just to prove it, the alarm sounded two more times – at least those were during daylight hours!
Thank you to our congregation for providing the van, trailer and financial support for this trip. You also helped us to raise $4800 by supporting the mission budget ($2000), the pancake Breakfast for Lotts Creek ($1200), the Silent Auction of Bill Rolland’s wood carvings (around $1000) and making designated donations to the Middleburg Missionaries Fund. $300 was given to the Lotts Creek Food Pantry to purchase needed items the most economically and  $4500 was given to support the purchase of building materials, which will help the construction fund throughout the summer. A portion of our donation was used to purchase a new dishwasher for the dorm, replacing one that was barely functioning.

The dates for next year have been confirmed: June 6 – 13, 2020. Please consider joining Middleburg Missionaries for a week spent helping others, a week of spiritual renewal, a week of personal growth, and a week of deepening relationships. Contact Sandy or George Uhl for more info or to reserve your place. To learn more about Lotts Creek, check out: https://www.lottscreek.org/index.html