You’re invited!
You don’t have to be a yogi. You don’t have to be a chef, an artist, a writer, or a musician. You just have to be, and be willing to experience something new. That in itself is creativity! Come, join us for any or all of these workshops that touch on just some of the ways we can express ourselves in the image of God the Creator.
Each Playshop is $10 to cover speaker and supply costs. You can pay at the door.
Creativity at the Table: Community & Communion
Saturday, October 5, 9:30 – 11:30 AM // Led by Pastor Steve North of LifeLine Ministries
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The table – communion or otherwise – is rich with meaning and opportunities for developing community. Steve will share his adventures in doing ministry in Toledo, from it really taking off when he got involved with a creative group to the amazing monthly community dinners he hosts full of food, music, poetry and conversation. He’ll not just talk about the role of food and art in creating a Christ-centered community; this session will also make and bake the communion bread for the next day’s worship services (World Communion Sunday).
Improvisation & the Spirit: Jazz & the Rhythms of Our Lives
Saturday, October 19, 9:30 – 11:30 AM // Led by Rev. Cliff Aerie, founder of The Oikos Ensemble
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Whether you know it or not your life is a marvelous, continuing story of becoming. This Playshop, led by Rev. Cliff Aerie (founding Director of the Oikos Ensemble), will provide an imaginative look inside the sphere of jazz improvisation. We’ll then explore the melodies, harmonies and rhythms of our own lives to discover a deeper dimension to prayer and meditation—the creative connection to the Holy. No musical knowledge is required, just a curious spirit and openness to uncover the treasure within.
Having Words with God: Psalms, Laments & Poetry
Saturday, November 2, 9:30 – 11:30 AM // Led by Amanda Faith Zuehlke
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What place do grief, fear, and bewilderment have in our spiritual lives? How can ancient poetry resonate so deeply with us today? Together we’ll explore the power of words and how creative expression, even – or especially – in the difficult times, can move us into a wider capacity for the Spirit. We’ll explore metaphor, form, and function by looking at both biblical and modern laments and poetry to create our own meaningful pieces corporately and individually.
Drawn In: Movement & Labyrinths
Saturday, November 16, 9:30 – 11:30 AM // Led by Rev. Rebecca Przybylski of A Listening Life
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Our spirituality is not meant to be passive; to be drawn in requires listening and response. Moving forward, however, does not always happen in a straight line. We invite you to come breathe, talk, walk, and move (gently) toward a more active and vibrant faith. Spiritual director and yoga instructor Rev. Rebecca Przybylski of A Listening Life will guide us along the winding paths of contemplation.
Colors of Contemplation: A Simply Centered Advent
Sunday, November 24, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM // Led by Rev. Sharon Seyfarth Garner of Belly of the Whale Ministries
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Slow down, simply, and add a burst of color to your Advent this year. Based on her recent book, Mandalas, Candles, and Prayer: A Simply Centered Advent, Rev. Sharon Seyfarth Garner invites us to participate in a fun and meaningful new way to pray that blends the relaxing practice of coloring with ancient prayer practices. No prior artistic experience is required – in face, coloring inside the lines is optional! All are encouraged to join us as we learn how to color and pray our way together through Advent toward Christmas Day.