Youth Group, Grades 9-12
All youth must have a current consent form filled out to participate in our outings.
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Student Intern Positions Available – Apply by Wednesday, September 25
Position Description 
Student Interns will assist the Coordinator of Youth Ministry September through May. They will serve as paraprofessional advisors on how to deliver spiritual curriculum to the middle school and high school students.

Interns will perform the following responsibilities for the Youth Ministries Team comprised of the Coordinator of Youth Ministries, the Middle School Sunday School Teacher, and the High School Sunday School Teacher:

  • Assist the Middle and High School Sunday School Teachers with small group activities when invited by the teachers
  • Co-host the monthly McDonalds breakfasts with the Youth Ministry Team, encouraging students to attend and facilitating informal conversations during these breakfasts based on possible themes determined by the team
  • Recommend timely topics/presenters based on current local and/or national events and concerns to the Coordinator of Youth Ministries
  • Attend Workship Sundays and encourage students from the Middle and High School Sunday School classes to join their selected volunteer projects
  • Offer recommendations on how to create a warm and inviting presence for the middle and high school students attending Sunday School and Confirmation Class
  • Other duties as determined by the Coordinator of Youth Ministries

Interns will be supervised by the Coordinator of Youth Ministries. 

Position Requirements
Candidates should have met these requirements:
  • Have the desire to deepen their relationship with God through serving their church community in the capacity of an intern
  • Have the interest in learning how to lead small groups through training provided by the Coordinator of Youth Ministries
  • Be enrolled as a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school
  • Attended the MHCUCC program regularly the previous year
  • Available to meet twice a month from 9:30 am to 10:30 am on the second and fourth Sundays from September through May 
  • Available to be present in the Sunday School Program during the second and fourth Sundays and the third Sunday for the McDonald’s breakfasts


Interns will receive $300, paid over three pay periods: December 1, February 1, and May 1

Interested candidates should email Judy Hammer by Wednesday, September 25:

Seeking Comfy Seating
Our Middle School Sunday School room is in need of some comfortable furniture. If you are looking for a home for a sectional couch and/or bean bag chairs, please call Judy Hammer at 216-832-8817.
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